In 2008, the first Youth North American Bridge Championships (YNABC) was held in Atlanta GA. The YNABC was the brainchild of Patty Tucker, founder of Atlanta Junior Bridge and FPAB Youth Liaison.

Almost 200 youth bridge players participated in the event and their overwhelming opinion was that it was “great”.

Bridge events at the YNABC included ‘cardrook’ games for the absolute beginners, as well as, a National Pairs event and a National Teams event.

Scholarships, provided by Baron Barclay and District 7, were awarded to the winners of both the National Pairs and the National Teams. Phil Gordon sponsored a $1000 Sportsmanship scholarship.
Due to the success of the YNABC in Atlanta, the YNABC has since been held in conjunction with the ACBL Summer NABCs since 2009.

A great tradition has been created. A precedent has been set of what is important. A community of young players has been formed. Friendships have been made and the joy of competition has been discovered. Your help is needed to keep this spirit going.

The 11th YNABC is scheduled for summer 2018 in Atlanta.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or would like to donate to youth programs, please email

Youth NABC Sponsors

Year National Youth Pairs Sponsor National Youth Swiss Teams Sponsor Sportsmanship Award Sponsor
2008 Baron Barclay District 7 Phil Gordon
2009 Baron Barclay District 6 Phil Gordon
2010 Baron Barclay OrderTopia Phil Gordon
2011 Baron Barclay FPAB_Aileen Osofsky Fund Joyce and Bob Hampton
2012 Baron Barclay Bridge Base Online John McAlister
2013 Baron Barclay ACBL Masterpoint Press
2014 Baron Barclay Bridge Base Online Masterpoint Press
2015 Baron Barclay ACBL Masterpoint Press
2016 Baron Barclay Bridge Base Online Masterpoint Press
2017 Baron Barclay Double Dummy Masterpoint Press