No name is more closely associated with the game of bridge than that of Charles Goren. Indeed, Goren earned and proudly bore the nickname of “Mr. Bridge.”

As a protégé of Milton Work, Goren adapted Work’s point-count evaluation method and published the now-familiar 4-3-2-1 system. The idea caught on quickly and was used by millions of players. Goren — a tireless worker — promoted his ideas through books, tours and lectures.

His importance as a world figure was recognized when he was on the front cover of Time magazine.

The museum houses a plethora of Goren memorabilia. In addition to the replicated set of “Championship Bridge with Charles Goren” – complete with Goren himself, visitors can also view an episode of the program as well as view a short film chronicling his career. And if that weren’t enough, visitors can visit the Hall of Fame to see a slide show or stop in the library and peruse the vast amount of literature produced by “Mr. Bridge.”